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Inter have had much success this year, as we’ve seen them at the top of the table for so long throughout 2015.

We’ve seen them win 1-0 on countless occasions. Today vs. Carpi should have been no different until the 90th minute equaliser from Lasagna. Inter have been keeping games arguably closer than they’ve needed to be and finally, as I predicted about two months ago, the luck will eventually run out.

Last season Inter finished poorly, mainly because they couldnt win the games they needed to win, the relegation/bottom table sides always found a way to snatch a point.. or three, which kept piling up week after week until the long awaited end of the season. Like last season, Inter has started out 2016 poorly. So far in 2016, Inter have one one games, tied two and lost one. These games being a win against Empoli; ties against Carpi and Atalanta and a loss with Sassuolo.

Mancini said today, after a tie with Carpi

“We should have scored more goals, but we ended up gifting them a draw,”  “We completely went to sleep to allow Carpi to make it 1-1 deep into added time. It’s not normal to give that sort of thing away.”

“Strikers need to work hard, get involved in the play, create and finish – we need to improve across the board. We’re creating the chances, but we need to be more intelligent in the way we deal with them and finish them off, otherwise it becomes a problem. Football isn’t just about technique and quality, but brains too.”

Like the story has been all season, at least for me, Inter win games unconvincingly. 1-0 with a heart attack for about 75-85 minutes. The system Mancini uses which is basically- win and hold onto the win has worked up until now. But when you need to score, I feel as though this system is limited because we use Icardi as a striker. I see Icardi as a restraint to Inter. Some feel he is the right captain, I don’t think he has what it takes to lead a team, such as Inter epecially. If you look at his history and statistics, yes he is a proven goal scorer, as every other Interista will gloat about and harp on.

What they fail to realize is how little he produces at a 90 minute rate. Icardi is good for about 1 minute per game. Which is usually his moment to win Inter a match in the infamous 1-0. As we saw today we scored one goal by Rodrigo Palacio. The secong goal, nowhere to be found as per usual. What am I getting at with this? Inter need to play a more convincing game if they want to reach a goal of Champions league. Holding onto 1-0 games for almost 70 minutes isn’t good enough. The philosophy has to change in order for success to be found.

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