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The truth is, in Italy you either love Juventus or hate Juventus.

Therefore many of you will completely ignore any article celebrating Juventus. However it would be beneficial to understand what the Bianconeri, behind Andrea Angelli have been able to accomplish. They’re moving smarter and faster than virtually every football club in Europe, and even more so when compared to their Italian counterparts. All of Serie A should emulate their strategy.

Six straight Serie A titles and two Champions League Finals in 3 years, is worth a closer look. You have to give Andrea Angelli credit, as he might be the best and most innovative operator in all of sports. Here’s six ways Juve are winning on and off the pitch.

They built an amazing stadium. They have lost one match at home in the last four seasons. It’s the best home field advantage in not only Italy but all of Europe. The stadium has been the key asset in their title runs. It greatly increased their averaged attendance, and increased their revenue. It also has given the Juventus fans a much better experience. Until someone else of note in Serie A, can build a comparable stadium, they’re spotting  Juventus points and revenue.

They turned Pirlo into a world legend.  When it looked like things were headed south for the passmaster, they rejuvenated his career.  So many teams mess-up when handling ageing stars. How they’ve handled the end of Del Piero’s career was also graceful.

Scouting – They simply sign great players, they sign great older players, (Dani Alves), and great young players. (Paul Pogba) Another great example is the signing of Alex Sandro, he wasn’t even playing in Italy, but they realized the potential, and it has paid off.  They rarely make a bad signing, especially when signing players over $10m. It’s a track record that embarrasses many other clubs.

The Old Lady have been able to develop talent. Young players come to Juventus, and get better. Chiellini, Pobga, Coman, Rugani, are all young players who’ve greatly improved their value at Juventus. Even Dybala has grown so much at Juventus, you can argue they currently have the 2nd valuable team in the world, only trailing Real Madrid.

They brand, I know a lot of people hate the logo, who cares it’s brilliant, and years ahead of the rest of Europe. The Juventus brand and merchandising is far beyond of the rest of the peninsula. If you want to admit it or not, they are simply smarter and more innovative than rest of Serie A.

They’ve built a winning mentality, everyone who comes into the Juventus locker room, understands the standard.

The simple truth Angelli excels in all three key components of modern football.

  1. Infrastructure
  2. Player Personal & Acquisition
  3. Branding

They’ve built a team un-matched in Italy, and team that brings news fans into the Italian game. They single handily are keeping Italy competitive on co-efficients, and are the model to embrace.


Mike Rizzo, is brand marketer and owner of Ispirare Coffee, follow him @RizzoMB

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