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Here are the match ratings for the Azzurri after their 3-1 loss to France provided by


Buffon (6): Gigi isn’t at fault for any of France’s goals. Other than the goals, Buffon did not have much to do.

Barzagli (5.5): Andrea was also strangely off color today, like the rest of the team.

Astori (5.5): Struggled to deal with the pace of the French attack all night long, like the rest of his teammates.

Chiellini (5): He has basically two goals to his conscience. Not a very good match at all from Giorgio.

Candreva (6.5): The best of them all.  He attacked all the way up to the final whistle. His good form continues.

Bonaventura (5.5): Was nonexistent for most of the match. He only really had one shot on goal from distance. Could not get involved in the attack.

De Rossi (5): Recovered many balls, but struggled with creating any advancements off those recoveries.

Parolo (5): Did not get involved too much, struggled also with containing the French midfield.

De Sciglio (5.5): Did not leave a mark on the game and did not impress on the flank of the defense tonight.

Eder (5.5): Had some good moments, including the assist to Pelle. Eder did not see much of the goal as well.

Pelle (6): Pelle returns from the Euro with already a goal. He played the full 90 and did not have much else of an impact.


Donnarumma (5.5): After his debut at only 17 years old, the youngest ever for the azzurri, he did however make a mistake on Kurzawa’s goal.

Rugani (6): Daniele also had his debut today. He also did not excel.

Montolivo (6): Was good in respect to De Rossi, messed up a good chance at goal.

Florenzi (6): Florenzi had more of an impact on the game than De Sciglio whom he substituted.

Belotti (5.5): Played 15 minutes and had a yellow card. He showed lots of nervousness. It must have been because it was his debut.


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