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Stevan Jovetic took the time to speak to Sky Sport after his side’s 2-0 victory against Napoli.

“I’ve always believed in myself, I know I could give a lot to the team. I’ve trained well when I haven’t played, then I played a little badly and I’ve been put out for a bit. I’ve always been strong mentally and I’m satisfied with these last two performances. I think that we could have more points, even if at certain times I’ve been on the bench and couldn’t do much, but the decisions the coach makes have to be respected. With Icardi it’s always been said that we aren’t compatible, I think however that’s completely wrong. Even today we showed to be able to do well, against one of the strongest sides in Italy and in Europe. I like to play like tonight, getting a lot of touches on the pitch. I also like to score goals. We can still do better, be we played a great game and sacrificed a lot.

“I haven’t thought about about leaving, I came here to play for many years. I’m not one that comes to a team for a little bit then leaves. I’m here at Inter to stay and to play.”

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