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Everybody loves a winner…But everybody also loves cash.

Juventus, if the deal goes through, will have made enough money in one transfer to build an identical J Stadium and pay it off in full. They’ve made more money off Pogba than winning the Champions League, and what’s even more impressive is that the club again can spend big money to bring in even more quality.

It’s no secret, the Old Lady‘s signature stance on selling players has always been “we will resist if the players want to stay, but we will not keep them if they want to go”. Nobody is bigger than the club and Juventus, and with Pogba, they reestablished that stance again.

There’s a few important points that need to be clarified in this whole ordeal. And that is, external factors outside of the football sphere most likely pushed the Pogba deal through. Manchester United (nor Juventus) will make a killing on shirt sales. Ninety percent of the profits from shirt sales go to Adidas, if there is one party who is absolutely thrilled about this transfer going through – you know where to look.

Another factor is undoubtedly Mino Raiola, who is set to make nearly €25 million in commission off Pogba alone. Juventus knew going into this four years ago what it would be like if Pogba developed into a world beater, they probably just didn’t anticipate it at this level.

With €120 million soon to be at their disposal, Marotta, Paratici, Nedved, Agnelli and co. have a never before seen amount of cash at their disposal. The last three weeks of this transfer window should be very, very intriguing.

Perhaps the another indirect winner through all this is Max Allegri, who can finally go forward without the uncertainty surrounding the team. Immediately, Juve’s bank account is the clear champion, but by May of 2017, we’ll know more about who came on top in the grande scheme.

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