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Patrice Evra calls Juventus a ‘war machine’ where winning is a habit for the Scudetto-winning club and discusses his future with the Bianconeri.

Following his club clinching an historic 5th consecutive Scudetto, Patrice Evra spoke with La Gazzetta dello Sport and revealed what he said in the locker room after their defeat to Sassuolo back in October:

I said to my colleagues: ‘According to you, do you think it is normal that we are throwing away the championship? With all due respect to Fiorentina and Inter, I do not think we are aware of what we are doing. Enough excuses, stop saying that it is a heavy weight wearing this jersey. It is all in our head, we must only run and respect this jersey.’ And that is what it was. Those who play for Juventus, play to win the Scudetto. Those who will wear this jersey next year, will wear it to win the Champions League. This is the objective. It means looking in the mirror and asking yourself: Are you scared or are you up for it? We have done our work. It is not being conceited but winning here is a habit.

On his contract renewal:

I have not yet made a decision. I have had two special years at Juventus, at the end of the season we will meet and I say yes or no. I have to be honest with myself and with Juventus. There are no problems, it is a decision that I have to make.

On their comeback in the league:

We are a war machine. We want to win every game. For Allegri, what counts now is the quality of our performance is worth more than the result because he is already thinking about next year to be at the top in the Champions League.

On the Champions League:

Being eliminated in the Round of 15 was disappointing, because this year the team was more mentally ready than before to win the cup. Juventus is the best in Europe as an organization. My teammates told me that two years ago, there was uncertainty in the Champions League. Now the mentality has changed and you can see it in the big games. We we play against teams like Bayern, I can see in the faces of my teammates that we are Juventus and we can win everything.

On Allegri:

He is a manager who is easy to understand. He makes you see the road ahead. I understood who I was dealing with when we played the return game against Borussia Dortmund. He showed us a series of movements and everything he illustrated happened on the pitch. It was incredible.

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