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Khedira says it ‘hurts’ when people say he left Real Madrid for money

In an interview with German newspaper, Welt am Sonntag, Khedira refuted accusations of him leaving Real Madrid for economic motivations.

“It hurts me that people say that I left Real for money. They can not accuse me for acting in a wrong manner. Real Madrid presented me a big contract and at the end I could have won certainly a lot”.

“My decision to leave Real Madrid isn’t related to a question of money. At a certain point I told my agent I wanted a change, I was tired but they were five fantastic years”.

“After the World Cup, I felt completely spent, even more so mentally. Now I’m in form again, I want to continue to have fun again playing football. Juve is a fantastic club, a club with a great tradition, a brilliant presence and a promising future. I’m certain that Juventus will have a loud voice in Europe in the future and I want to do my part”.

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