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Juventus are interested in improving their current youth system and have identified a Palermo man as the key to do so.

Today, Tuttomercatoweb released an exclusive detailing Juventus’ future plans for their youth system over the next year. According to them, the bianconeri are keen on making an important change to their staff. At the moment, they are courting Dario Baccin, who’s contract with Palermo is expiring. Over the years, Baccin has blooded through many top talents and is seen as an ideal target for Juventus’ youth system. One player that Baccin helped progress was Accursio Bentivegna, who is now a part of the rosanero’s first team. With Palermo he is the technical coordinator of the club’s youth system and would operate a similar role with the Italian champions.

Juventus have initiated contacts, however, this potential deal is still at its initial stages. As a result, there is still a lot that needs to be stamped out over the course of the next few months. Sources close to Juve report that Baccin is the club’s number one target for the role, however, they are considering different options and solutions.

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