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Juventus came into the second leg of the Coppa Italia semifinal with a 3-0 aggregate score earned from the first leg, but Inter took it to the Italian champions and went 3-0 to tie the aggregate and force extra time. Juventus won on penalties to advance to the final against Milan.

This is how we rated the individual performances of Juve’s players following their match against Inter.

Neto (4.5): A bad goal kick led to Inter’s first goal. He made three saves in the match including one at the very end of regular time that could very well have sent Inter through. The Brazilian guessed right on Brozovic’s 82nd minute penalty, but the ball managed to sneak under him. Neto must play better in the final against Milan if Allegri chooses him.

Litchsteiner (6.0): Had a little bit of trouble with Perisic and was subbed off in the 55th minute for Andrea Barzagli.

Rugani (5.5): A surprise start due to an injury to Chiellini. Played poorly in arguably his first very important start, and committed the foul in the box that gave Inter the 3-0 lead late in the match. It will be a consolation to Juventus fans that he is still young and has plenty to improve on in the future.

Bonucci (7.5): Juve’s best defender in the match, Bonucci was caught off guard after Hernanes’ turnover on Inter’s first goal, but overall, he was consistent.

Sandro (7.0): Began to play better after the formation change brought him farther up the field. He was able to bring the ball up on a few good runs, but he was also forced into a few turnovers.

Cuadrado (7.5): Made a few great runs and used his pace and deceptiveness to give the Inter defenders trouble. The Colombian was never quite able to give Juve consistent possession, though.

Sturaro (5.5): Had trouble containing Inter’s midfielders and was forced into some crucial turnovers.

Hernanes (5.0): After a run of decent matches from the former Inter midfielder, Hernanes did not impress in this one. It has been argued that he was fouled after handling Neto goal kick, but nevertheless it was a turnover leading to Inter’s crucial first goal.

Asamoah (4.5): His play did not do much good for Juve. He didn’t make any looming mistakes, but was forced into quite a few turnovers and never established possession for Juve.

Zaza (7.0): The young Italian international did everything he could to get Juve the crucial goal that would put them through, but was never able to find the back of the net despite creating some of the best chances in the game.

Morata (6.5): The Spaniard was much quieter in the match than his counterpart Zaza, but two very great chances at the end of regular time nearly put Juve through. He was denied his last minute chance for glory by two great saves from Inter’s keeper, Carrizo.


Barzagli (7.0): Came on for Litchsteiner in the 55th minute and played well. He was able to contain Brozovic for the most part.

Lemina (6.0): His substitution for Hernanes in the 71st minute did not rejuvenate an overall sloppy Juve. Like the rest of the midfield, he committed bad turnovers to give possession back to Inter.

Pogba (7.0): Unfortunately the French international was not able to find the winner, but he played well and gave Juventus some positive runs late in the match and throughout extra time.

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