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With Leicester City dangerously wooing Francesco Acerbi, Sassuolo make steps towards Inter’s Andrea Ranocchia.

It seems like a real dance of defenders is on its way for the neroverdi: Acerbi out and Ranocchia in. The Foxes seem increasingly keen on purchasing ex-Milan man Acerbi. According to La Gazzetta dello Sport, Leicester is being increasingly pressing in order to bring the centre back to the Midlands. After Sassuolo’s first negative answer, Leicester have reappeared with a very tempting proposal of 10 millions euros for President Squinzi.

Meanwhile, Sassuolo are already planning ahead, with precautions for what might soon become the post-Acerbi era. In case the player was to demonstrate a certain will to go to England, it would be important to have a ready alternative. Apparently, the Emiliani have eyed up Andrea Ranocchia as the suitable substitute. Talks with Inter and with the players entourage have already began.

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