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Milan midfielder Manuel Locatelli was sent off in his side’s 2-1 defeat against Juventus and offered his sincere apologies to the fans.

In his post-match interview with Raisport, Locatelli said:

“Tonight our approach wasn’t good and we have to improve. I’d like to apologize to everyone for the mistake I committed tonight. Sorry to my teammates, the fans, the manager and the club. My age doesn’t justify the mistake. It’s an experience that will help me in the future. It’s a shame but the team responded well and almost found an equalizer. I made a mistake and it’s only right that I admit it. My teammates calmed me down. I got lost in the heat of the moment, we had just scored and wanted to complete the comeback. I don’t know what happened in the first few minutes. When you play a team like Juve, it’s not easy to recover from early mistakes. Now, we’ll think about the rest of the season. On Sunday, we can redeem ourselves.” 

Locatelli spoke about his side’s recent performances. The midfielder said:

“It’s very important to play well like this but our approach to games has to improve. When we play teams of this calibre, you can’t start like this. We have to continue playing like this against Udinese. We are calm, we have experienced players. We have to train and take it game by game.” 


On playing in the Juventus Stadium, Locatelli said:

“Playing in this stadium is very nice even if the fans are only for Juventus. We reacted well but we started poorly. These are extremely important games for me, I’ve dreamed of them since I was a kid.” 

Locatelli then touched upon Deulofeu, his new teammate. He told reporters:

“Deulofeu is a player who quickly showed he was capable of great things in training.” 


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