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Following Roma’s 5-0 win, where Totti was in the stands due to his row with the coach, Luciano Spalletti spoke to Sky about the situation.

“Totti? I needed to send a message to my players. I’m here to fix the problems and it’s why Roma brought me here. I actually wanted to play Totti, but then he said what he said. Respect? I just want Roma to win. When I arrived I said Totti could have any role he wants. He needs to pick what he wants to do with his future. If he wants to be like Giggs (an assistant manager with Manchester United) then he can sit with beside me during the games. Wha s he’s done in Rome lets him have any role he wants. If he wants to be like Nedved he can do that as well and if he wants to keep playing, then he can. Roma know that I’m with Totti and I will listen to what he wants. I have absolute respect towards him. He’s a champion but he cannot say certain things. His entourage told me that it was water under the bridge, so for me it is a closed situation.”

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