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Milan have been working hard recently on getting Paolo Maldini to join their management. The legend, however, has demands of his own.

Recent reports are suggesting that Milan and Paolo Maldini are negotiating over a potential role in the rossoneri’s management team for their legend. These rumours appear to be heating up in recent days as Maldini met with Marco Fassone to discuss the possibility of joining the team.

Gianluca Di Marzio reports that Fassone and Maldini met between September 20th and 25th, between the Lazio and Fiorentina game. Fassone offered Maldini a technical director role at the club. Maldini didn’t respond to this offer and instead made a request of his own. Maldini asked for significant power and autonomy in his choices. He also asked for a direct relationship with the Chinese, so he can have a direct say at Milan. Now, both Maldini and Fassone have to respond to each other’s offers in the coming days.


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