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While on vacation in New York, two video journalists stopped the Frenchman in the streets.

Marco Messina and Michael Kantaris managed to run into Paul Pogba and ask him the question everybody has on their mind. “Will you stay at Juventus?”

Concentrated on signing the ball he was handed, he responded with a simple “yeah”. Nothing too convincing of definitive, but far from saying he’s leaving.

Pogba seemed almost lackadaisical in his response, or borderline sarcastic. It could be another bluff in the long list of stunts he and his agent Mino Raiola have pulled off over the past few weeks.

All speculation aside, journalists have been wrong for weeks now on the story of the summer.

From #PogbaDay over two weeks ago, to #PogbaWeekend this past weekend, days keep getting set, only to pass without any event.

The latest statement that has been made came from Mino Raiola when he bashed the press via Twitter.

The saga continues…

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