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Continuing his interview with the Daily Mail, Raiola discussed other topics key to his clients playing careers.

Talking on the dispute between Fergie and himself over how Pogba left Manchester United for Juventus never proved to be a hindrance in the transfer.

The clash was centered in the super agents negotiation of Pogba’s future as well as his contract at United.

As has become common knowledge this led to Pogba’s departure to Juventus and the bitterness that developed between the two. Raiola is adamant that if the move did not occur Pogba would not develop into the star he is today;

‘It was never an issue,’

‘Moving in 2012 was a necessary step because Paul wouldn’t have progressed the way he did otherwise.

‘I had two meetings with Mr Ferguson. The first was nasty on his part but the second, I’d never had so much fun in my life! Mr Ferguson is entitled to his opinion and, though I don’t have to agree with it, I have a great deal of respect for him.

‘He is an iconic manager but I still believe the value of Paul today confirms I was right to do what I did. We had different ideas of where Paul was.

‘Maybe it’s just as well he didn’t like me because then he would have slapped me. What people don’t realise is that I did everything to try and persuade Paul not to go to Juventus.

‘Serie A clubs were not known for developing young players at the time. The last had been Paolo Maldini at AC Milan in 1985. I didn’t think it was right.

‘So three months down the line, he is at Juventus and I said we started a bad relationship here, everything I say you don’t listen to me and Paul just said, “It’s not that I don’t listen, it is just everything I have done in life, I have done the hard way. I want to do it the hard way”.

‘Similarly, this time when it was about returning to United, he knew there was no Champions League and it was the greater challenge. Paul Pogba doesn’t give up.

‘One thing I see though is that Mr Ferguson was made a Sir — maybe I too should be a “Sir’’ for bringing Paul back 

On Mario Balotelli

Raiola will be the first to admit that he did not control his star very well, as well as conceding that allowing Balotelli to leave Manchester city was a big mistake.

‘I should not have given him his way when he asked to leave City. It is the one big mistake I made,’ 

‘Mario was unhappy and I should have said, “You’re feeling s***? You don’t like your job? Tough, grow up, get on with it.” 

‘Mario’s flaw was that he was looking for love. He needed to be egocentric. He needed to eat, sleep, s*** and f*** football, no one else.

‘Football needs to be his priority, not a fiancee, not even a wife. To be a top athlete, you make the sacrifice and after 11 or 12 years you redress the balance then lead the life you want.

Since then Balo has moved to Liverpool, AC Milan and is now plying his trade in Ligue 1 with Nice, hoping to reinvigorate his career

‘Mario and Jurgen Klopp never had a chance because Klopp never gave him a chance,’ insists Raiola. ‘I said Klopp acted like a piece of s*** towards him and he can’t deny he made Mario an outcast.

‘I had experience with Klopp at Dortmund. He can’t tell people that he treated Mario like a human being at Liverpool.

‘If you want to sell him it’s up to you but he is still a Liverpool player and, while he is, show him respect. He needed 90 minutes in friendlies but he trained outside the first team. What did he do wrong in the last two years?

‘Mario said he made a mistake joining Liverpool. I don’t regret choosing Liverpool although I’m not sure Brendan Rodgers wanted him.’

Though Everton showed interest in the summer, a deal failed to materialise — yet Raiola maintains a return to England beckons.

‘Italy is unlivable for him because of the attention he gets. If he proves he can become stable at Nice and score goals then imagine how attractive he would be to a Premier League manager next summer as a free agent.

‘France needs him, like they needed Zlatan.

‘He is good for the league but he will absolutely return to the Premier League.

‘What would a real manager rather do? Gamble £100m on a striker or take Balotelli? Because no one can tell me he is not a world-class talent.’

Raiola on which youngsters to keep an eye on

The super agent believes that Gianluigi Donnarumma is the next goal keeping superstar, and at 17 has plenty of time to develop.

Furthermore he is backing Watford star Etienne Capoue to have a brilliant season after his impressive start to the Premier League season;

‘I believe Etienne Capoue will have a great season. He is a top, top player and has the ability to play in the best teams in the Premier League or Europe.

‘Things didn’t work out for him at Tottenham but sometimes that happens. He has started well and I think he will show how good he is this year.

‘Gianluigi Donnarumma is in the national team at 17 so he will continue to get better with Italy and AC Milan, Moise Kean is doing well at Juventus but one who I am excited about is already with a Premier League club and that is Donyell Malen at Arsenal.

‘He is a very talented young Dutch player with lots of ability, he is at a very good club with a great manager and I think he can be a revelation.’

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