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Chievo manager Rolando Maran spoke to the media following his side’s impressive performance at the Juventus Stadium but expressed bitterness at the result as a whole.

In his post-match interview with Mediaset, the Chievo boss highlighted his team’s good play but believed they could have earned more than one point. After the referees disallowed Cesar’s goal, Juventus found the equalizer via a Paulo Dybala penalty shot. Weirdly enough, there wasn’t much evidence supporting the referee’s decision to call it back. That said, it did stem from a non-existent free-kick by Andrea Barzagli. In any case, two wrongs do not make a right. While the penalty shot isn’t in question as Cuadrado was quite clearly taken down, it would have been rendered futile had the Flying Donkeys been up by two goals. In Maran’s interview he said,:

“On the penalty shot Cuadrado went looking for it and dragged his foot. This instance in addition to Cesar’s wrongly disallowed goal conditioned the game in their favor. We played with great courage. In the second half Buffon made a huge save to keep the score 1-0.”

So, you guys feel cheated? 

“Like I said, there were two moments that could have easily gone our way. However, you cannot take away our performance from us as the team played great.”

Today, you guys looked particularly dangerous up front with great movement.

“At the moment, we are making the right plays. This summer we worked hard to change our system and our work is now producing results. Now, we must continue on this path and we’re all working extremely hard.” 

Would you like to become Chievo’s Sir Alex Ferguson?

“We’ll try. We’re only at the beginning.” 

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