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Super Mario has returned to top form since his move to Nice & Ligue 1. The former Liverpool and AC Milan striker talked about his last two years as well as his rebirth.

Mario Balotelli talked to SkySport, about his the latest experiences with Milan and Liverpool as well as fighting for a spot  in the national team.

Balotelli On Liverpool and AC Milan.
“Those clubs were not the best environment for me. I did not make any mistakes from the behavioural point of view, accidents  that happened weren’t because of me and do not depend on us players. In Milan I found a lot of confusion, the only certainty was Galliani. What do I think about a possible farewell? This would confirm the current confusion in Milan. “

On working with Klopp
“Klopp suggested I leave Liverpool, as he underestimated Balotelli the football player. I do not know him, I told him thank you and goodbye.”

Balotelli On Ligue 1 
“The city where I am now is beautiful. The environment played a key role in my decision, having recently lived in Liverpool and Milan. The team, however, is very young. We’re almost all the same age, this is the type of football that I like.

The National team
“I miss it some times, but it has to be deserved. I hope to return very soon to the Azzurri, but only at the top of my game. To me it is better to have skipped this meeting, I want to be ready for the  upcoming games.”

The Italian People 
“I can not fall in love the Italian people. There I could not even if I won the World Cup and the European Championships. I’m still mad at Prandelli to replace me at the World Cup against Uruguay. In the National I have no problem with leaders in the dressing room. The National team manager Oriali, phoned me. I have no more dreams in football, only objectives. “

On his previous clubs;
“The ranking of the teams in which I played is fine? Nice, Manchester City and … enough. I love and have always loved Milan, but after the last time, after the last year that I did with Milan that was enough.”

Balotelli on a possible return back to Serie A
“Never say never again. “

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