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Juventus sporting director Giuseppe Marotta spoke about the transfer window among other things at the inauguration of the club’s new J Medical wing.

In an interview with, the former Sampdoria director said,:

“Before anything happens with Morata, there needs to be an agreement with Real Madrid and Juventus. I can only repeat that our decision was a calculated one. We are proud in having Morata. It’s clear that their option for redemption is a hit from Damocles’ sword that we had to endure. But we will talk to them and find a solution that sees us keep him.” 

On Pogba’s and Cuadrado’s future: 

“The conditions to keep him beyond next season are here. In regards to Cuadrado, we have to talk to Chelsea and think hard about it.” 

On Allegri and his potential departure: 

“He has a contract, but like I have always said, a contract with a manager is a formality. The important thing is that the club and the manager work in harmony towards certain objectives. We have a lot of objectives to reach this season. We have the league to win and a Coppa Italia to win. With Allegri, we have a great relationship. It’s based off trust and satisfaction on his part. Therefore it’s a marriage that has brought great joy to all parties. The conditions are in place for him to stay because the extension of his contract is a formality. Like i’ve said before, we can create a winning cycle together.” 

On the refereeing controversies: 

“There is a structural difference between the league and the Champions League. The Champions League is a competition where one moment can eliminate you like it happened against Bayern Munich. Therefore the error is decisive. In the league, I maintain, a team’s quality will always emerge victorious in the end despite human refereeing errors. The fact that we’re in first has nothing to do with the game against Torino but because we deserved it after winning all these games. It’s normal that there are a few refereeing errors that even instant replay can’t fix. I’ve heard that Bonucci should have been sent off instead of simply being booked. However, I believe Rizzoli chose to only book him because he didn’t see any behaviour from him that warranted a sending off.” 


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