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AC Milan’s Mati Fernandez was interviewed by Milan TV and discussed various topics related to football.

Fernandez spoke on such aspects as Montella, his injury, and his desire to return to form.

On his AC Milan debut:
“I’m very happy for my debut with AC Milan, it is truly a dream to be here. I started with a win and that makes me even happier”.

On his current physical shape:
“Physically I can definitely improve. I didn’t train for 2 months, so I really need to work hard and train even more”.

On suffering his injury:
“I’ve been wanting to train with the team and play for the past two months. In my first days at Milanello, Coach Montella was joking about the fact that I got injured right before I even set foot here”.

On coach Montella:
“We all train to make it into the starting XI, and we all work hard to help the team, but in the end, it’s the boss’s call. Montella has always worked very well, he has his own way of working, but in football things change and evolve, and so does he”.

The Milan squad in general:
“I feel the team is improving day after day. We need to keep going in this direction to improve and play entertaining football”.

The South American influence in the team:

“There’s a pretty varied group: one’s from Paraguay, others are from Colombia, Chile, Brazil, but we all feel like we’re part of a big family”.

Is a return to the national team a possibility:
“The National team is a dream for all of us. I’m really motivated to be called up again by my NT. Tomorrow is matchday and I really hope that Chile wins against Colombia, it will be a great match”.

Thoughts on the Milan derby:
“I played a derby in Chile. In every country, a derby is always fascinating. I know what it means for everyone, so we really need to give it all we’ve got, to train well and to get to the match at our best. Winning would be very important”.

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