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Mazzarri: “De Laurentiis said those things out of love”. The full presser

mazzarriWalter Mazzarri held today the pre-game press conference before Fiorentina-Inter. The coach weighed in on the upcoming match, the president Thohir, the condition of the injured players, some aspect of his Inter’s tenure and threw a funny jab at De Laurentiis.

Did you notice a wave of fresh air after the win?

Yes, the win was very healthy. For the way I work, I tried to not celebrate it too much, it’s clear that subconsciously after some bad results you train with less enthusiasm. Now the morale is different. There is a tough game, Fiorentina create trouble to everybody.

How are Hernanaes, Milito and Kovacic?

We’ll know after this training session. There won’t be problems for Milito, we’ll see for the other two.

A closer ownership would be an extra value?

I have a good relationship with the president, to the radio I told it would like it, also to overcome the difficulty of the language. Having a more fluid contact with the president you are at ease with would be a good think, but I told that only on a personal standpoint.

How do you respond to De Laurentiis’ words?

He said those things out of love, he tried to make me stay until the end and that’s why he said that.

Giving consistency to the use of the players would be a good thing?

We have the trainings to understand who is fit, I put a lot of completion from here to the end. I told the guys that it’s not discounted that always the same plays, there are a lot of considerations to do. Everybody must be on the edge of their seat, then a coach always has his basic ideas.

Did you see Fiorentina in Tim Cup? Must Milito play with more consistency?

He came back, then had problems, it’s a tendency of all strikes besides Palacio. Nobody had consistency, everybody had to recover their form. I invented Botta as a second striker, he was supposed to leave but I liked him, he was looking good in the trainings and I wanted to keep him. You can’t do experiments today. I’ll try to recover everybody. Fiorentina have been doing great thing for two years, we’ll face them in a moment of enthusiasm and the difficulties of the game are clear.

How many minutes does Icardi have on his legs?

In these days I made it clear to the lads. I used the example of Ferguson and the banner: ‘During the game you do what you do in practice’. You find the right formula by training at the highest rhythm, you don’t need to play with continuity to find it. Icardi has been training for 3-4 weeks with a certain intensity and he has more minutes in his legs now.

You said that you put the players in competition, what do you mean?

I encourage the competition and I try to have more bases for my choices. If the players challenge each other with strength and intensity, you find the same qualities during the match. If they give a lot I have more indications for Sunday’s choices.

If you were asked an opinion of Icardi and Kovacic, would you have bought them?

I found this roster. For example, I saw Botta in the training and I kept him over Belfodil that still didn’t have a role and was sent to Livorno to show his value. He might return to Inter. I made my choices based on what I found, the first step in the transfer market was to make intelligent evaluations with the club in order not to make Inter’s property poorer.

Livorno’s coach Di Carlo said that Belfodil was behind physically.

The sporting director then explained, I think those were objective words, he was explaining why I wasn’t playing him. But Belfodil always trained with consistency, maybe he doesn’t have the best game form. For sure, he always trained well and Pondrelli and Scanavino’s systems [the fitness coaches] are among the best in Italy.

Until the half of December, never a loss on the road. After Napoli, 5 defeats. Why? Instinctively, how do you feel tomorrow’s game?

I’m not instinctive on that sense, I have sensations after 5 minutes of the game. I worry about preparing the players at best for the match. I don’t love sensations. Defeats are born from many situations, I analyzed all games and I know very well that there is a difference between me and the critique, that bases the 90% on the results, while I have to evaluate the performance and work on that.

The 4-man defense is a project you are working on for the next season or is it a possible correction in this season?

For some tactical aspects, you need to have the right players. At Naples, I worked for weeks on the 4-man defense and we obtained 7 wins in a row, because my team was ready for that 4-man line or for 3-man one, switching during the game. I work a lot on the organization also to enhance the single player, I can’t improvise a tactic if the team isn’t ready. In the future there might be the idea of playing with the 4-man defense.



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