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Mazzarri: “The enthusiasm always leads to the results”


Walter Mazzarri spoke today to the press ahead of Inter-Cagliari.

Do you feel a new enthusiasm in the environment?

I’m coherent on the pitch. I’m happy for the last positive results, especially at Florense, on a difficult pitch, with a good-looking football. I’d like a further improvement, always with the same hunger and winning mentality.

How much important is the presences of Thohir?

A lot, it’s very important for us when he’s here. All the components are united, also for the fans it’s a positive thing. The enthusiasm always leads to the results, everything start from there.

How is the team?

In the last weeks, they understood what I want. I told them that I want even more compared to Florense. We didn’t sit back and I want to play great football for the whole game.

Are the first three place already taken?

There are 42 points still at disposal. The most important match is always the next one. Not many won in Florence, we proved to be strong also against all the others. We have to look as forward as possible. We must have this winning mentality. The third place is also up to the others, we take care of ourselves.

The importance of Samuel.

He gave a lot, he embodies the type of player I’d like to see everywhere. He gives beyond everything, to prevail you always need something more and the others should take him as an example. His return did only good things, I hope it goes on like that.

Was Florence the turning point of the season?

I hope so, I look forward to playing again. I search for the sporting nastiness through convincing performances. If we descend on the pitch like that, our destiny is in our hands.

How much can Icardi play? Milito?

I don’t know, he’s training consistently. I tried to make him understand how to raise the performance and the physical condition. Too bad for the last months. Milito is super well, he runs more than before. He just need to find explosiveness.

Can Alvarez replace Hernanes? Is there a dualism between Icardi and Milito?

There is a lot a competition, I always have two men for one role, it’s positive. Alvarez is different from Hernanes, he’s very versatile.

Can the European matches help Inter? What do you think of the managerial situation at Cagliari?

Lopez is esteemed by the players, he made the group more solid psychologically, this will be an advantage for them. As for Europa League, it depends on the roster the teams have.

Was there a recall of the preparation?

The weather didn’t help, the pitches were bad and I think about Palacio that was fatigued. We are a team with well-defined mechanisms and the winter hurt us.

Thohir spoke about Guarin. Do you share his thought that he’s recovered?

I’m the first to say that, if I fielded him it’s because he is.

Can Alvarez and Cambiasso play from the start?

Ricardo always played, he was fine and we could have brought him to Florence. We were cautious, he has trained with the team since Tuesday. Tomorrow, if he played, he might decrease a little, but he’s fine. Cambiasso was at risk in Florense, now he’s at disposal.

What happened with Zanetti after Udine? Can Icardi be replaced after the goal?

The team matters, if you don’t run, the team struggle. The other don’t stand there and watch, you have to be behind the ball. I have an exceptional relationship with Zanetti, he’s very important in the locker room, in everything. But I make my choices. He needed to play in Udine and that’s was the meaning of the game for me.

Can D’Ambrosio play from the first minute?

My players already know the choices. If after Florence I see that everybody did well, I start from this for the next game. Now it’s hard to make changes, beside problems or something like that. He improved, he’ll be useful in the future.

When will a chance for Ranocchia arrive? Might he lose the WC?

I think about the sake of Inter, not about the WC for my players. I always did that. He’s training well, he has to go at max speed, when he’ll have a chances he will have to show his value. Until Samuell does well, it’s hard for the to change. He’ll have to do the same thing Samuel did.



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