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Mazzarri’s Interview: “I Knew That Coaching This Club Could Have Been Hard”

SSC Napoli's coach Walter Mazzarri listeYesterday Inter’s coach Walter Mazzarri was the guest in the TV show Tiki Taka and discussed multiple topics about his stint at Inter. “You need to trust the coach and the ideas. We are tied with Verona that is having an incredible, but in this moment we are fifths with teams like Lazio and Milan that are struggling more than us despite having a structure and good players. Some things evaluated in a certain way can be positive”.

“I’ve been under fire since the first day I’ve started coaching. My career went well and until I have the desire to coach, what surrounds me doesn’t bother me too much. Is this my most difficult moment? It depends on how you want to see it: objectively I had many particular moments, if you evaluate this year under comparable parameters, you understand that there are particular historical moments for the clubs, even Barcelona lived them”.

“When we started, I knew that coaching this club could have been hard. Everything looked easy because we did well and then there has been this decline due to some subpar performances, opponents’ merits and a bit of bad luck. In the last game, Palacio and Jonathan had chances that they would have finalized in other moments. A bit of everything is happening right now. I don’t talk about the market and the rumours might have caused this slump. I want a squad that is focused, the chatting around some player not accustomed to it can lead to this”.

“Rolando Bianchi is an excellent player and a good guy. You can see that the years have passed but it’s nice to see some moments like the one in Reggio Calabria, these are satisfactions that stays forever. Was Cavani as a first striker my gem? Yes, when there is the buzz everything is exalted, but also Bianchi was coming from a difficult time, with no trust, and broke out. It was a satisfaction for me, then Manchester City wanted him. This success are less notorious because arrived in a small club, but this is as worthy as Cavani”.

“We had to stop talking about the referees, unless it would have become icky. We are interested in what we see, at the end many discourses about the referees are unleashed and put them in trouble. The balance is drawn at the end of the year, now we try to move on”.

“The distance of Thohir is not an alibi for me. I have a way to manage the players at 360 degrees, when I have the trust of the club I feel that the team is mine. Marco Branca and Piero Ausulio have been supporting since day one and they keep doing that, like many other people. Then the presence of the president, his greetings, especially in a difficult moment, can be one more certainty. But this is not what is missing”.

“I don’t complain, I don’t think I’m too lonely. If being alone means not doing some operations that Inter used to do, it’s a different topic, you can be left alone if the results are not big. But everybody, from Thohir to Moratti, showed trust in my regards and relied on my experience, my ideas for the future, my ability to rebuild. I have to work, waiting for a victory that will solve everything on the short term”.

“If Thohir had arrived in the summer, we would be talking of something more. I arrived at Inter and wasn’t thinking about the change of ownership. There were some shakes among the guys. It’s difficult to handle and motivate player with expiring contracts, it’s a particular year. You have to show them that they can deserve the confirmation, but injuries can penalize them. There are many variables”.

“Icardi showed his talent last year, the problem is that I almost never had him at my disposal. He wasn’t able to train for two weeks in a row, this is the point. When I left Napoli, I didn’t address the problem of where to go. We made different choices. I remember everybody with pleasure, they were four important years”.  

“Clarence Seedorf is a champions and an important character, he’s has charisma and personality. He has the backbone to be a coach, then he needs to show his potentials”.



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