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They may not be Scudetto contenders just yet, but this version of the Granata has been a thrilling surprise so far

When the 2015-16 season few sides were as dejected as Torino. After having a marvelous 2014-15 season expectations were high for Giampiero Ventura’s side. By the end of May however Torino finished in a disappointing 12th place limping to the finish.

While the attack finished as the fifth most prolific in Serie A, defensively, the Granata were poor. Nobody except relegated Verona kept as few clean sheets. Ventura and the club mutually parted ways and has since taken over the Italian national team.

Heading into this season expectations were pretty modest. Despite an impressive pre-season mid table finish was to be expected for Torino. In the last two weeks however Torino has impressed many fans and pundits alike. Securing an abundance of young talent in last year’s  summer transfer window is finally paying off.

Andrea Bellotti has 5 goals in two games and could have had 7 had he not missed two penalties. Il Gallo is the hottest striker in Serie A right now and is being aided by two dynamic young midfielders. Marco Benassi and Daniele Baselli enjoyed successful seasons in 2015-16 and have been tearing up Serie A in match days 1 & 2.  Solid defensively their strengths are jumping into attack heading into open spaces. Both have incredible finishing for midfielders. Expect them to be called up more frequently for the Italian national team this upcoming season

Siniša Mihajlović has succeeded in implementing a fluid attack-minded style of play to Torino. This is great for neutrals and fans as it makes the team fun to watch. On the other hand for this type of play to be sustained and translate into long term success Torino’s backline will have to remain steady. They were a mess in game one, much better in game two but will need consistency. A Europa League spot is certainly not out of the question for Torino. This is definitely an up and coming squad to keep our eyes on.

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