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Milan’s most experienced player spoke to Milan TV after today’s training.

After Christian Abbiati’s retirement, Abate became the longest tenured player for the 7 time UEFA Champions League winners.

“We all must have the desire, we are showing it in this first gathering days. We come from 3 negative seasons, that’s why any proclaim is useless. It’s time to get to work, we are preparing to put gasoline in our legs. We all are at Coach Montella’s orders, trying to have a different season.

“We know our Coach prefers a ball possession based play. But the most important thing must be the desire to play a different season, the malice. This is not the time to choose a playing strategy nor a module, right now everyone of us must have the ambition to play a great season because we cannot stay out of Europe this year again.

“We are starting now to work on tactics, on play ideas. At first we prefer the physical aspect. We will have the opportunity and time to work the appearance tactical later. The most important thing is that everyone is at the group and coach’s orders.

“I always felt empowered. I like being in a group, I hope to be a positive role model for the way I train and for how I live my profession. I care a lot. It’s true, I’m the eldest because years pass for everyone: I’m happy about my career, to stay in this club for many years.

“It’s not up to me to tell if I’m among the best fullbacks in the world. I try to always give the best, for this club I grow up in, above all. I feel very empowered and I suffer playing seasons not up to this club. Everyone must look in the mirror and understand that this club cannot stay out of Europe.

“I believe that everyone of us must be ambitious. No goal is unreachable. We all must grow in self-esteem, leave quickly behind those negative seasons and think that we can really fight for the top.”

The Rossoneri take on Bordeaux at the Stade Atlantique on Saturday in their first friendly of the summer.

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