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Milan right-back Ignazio Abate started for his club on Saturday evening at the Castellani. Abate, like many others, were displeased with the outcome of the match against Empoli. He spoke to Milan Channel post match.

Ignazio Abate, via

“This is a draw that leaves us feeling angry, we took the lead twice and we should have brought home the 3 points. An experienced side has to come away with the win and be more ruthless. We need to be ambitious and disappointed with only a point. We need to be more relaxed mentally. In matches like this, you need to have the bit between your teeth.”

Abate on the opposition’s performance at home:

“Empoli played well, but we were tight at the back and we’re disappointed because we have dropped points. It was a hard match because of the pitch and for the way Empoli play.”

The azzurri defender on the result and the potential penalty call that never arrived:

“The result is fair, but we’re left with regrets after taking the lead twice and not winning the match. I don’t know if there was a penalty or not. We have not been lucky this year with the match incidents.”

Despite not getting the result his club had hoped for, Abate on the road ahead:

“Let’s focus on Alessandria which is a massive match and then we have the derby and a win could change everything. Alessandria are not to be underestimated. If they have come this far, it means that they are a good side.”

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