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AC Milan star Giacomo Bonaventura discussed how the season has been thus far, as well as how he has performed individually.

Talking to Gazzetta Dello Sport, Giacomo Bonaventura covered various topics including his performances so far this season, as well as formations used by Vincenzo Montella:

“I dedicate all my energy to Milan. Young kids must see me as a positive example, someone to follow. I count on being a fundamental element [for the team] and I work to stay at a high level.”

On AC Milan’s youngsters:

“We must not put much burden on the young players [at Milan] because they are already kicking off their careers at a big club.”

Bonaventura on his performances as well as his preferred role:

“What do I like about myself? I like the fact that I am never satisfied, I think I can always do better. In a 4-3-3 formation I would choose to play in my current role, a left mezzala. I like that role because I touch the ball a lot and participate in the build-up. Maybe it’s not a showy job but I like it.”

Improving on last season:

“We are coming from a frustrating season, Montella brought the joy of playing the ball. He pretty much cured the mental aspect. Between the results of last season and the situation off the field nobody could see a great future ahead of this season. I had confused ideas. I suffered because of the exclusion from the NT squad for the Euros because I knew I had a good season. However, since the first day of the pre-season I saw that the bad habit has changed. Now we have created a great group.”

Bonaventura on Montella’s impact:

“Have I changed my mind? Yes. I expected to find a bit of a chaos but Montella was very good at isolating us [the team]. Montella for me? He is the added value. This is proven by the fact that we are more or less the same team of last season. Montella set things up on the field and in our attitude. He is changing our mentality. It’s a nice surprise.”

On trying to catch Juventus:

“Juventus is at a superior level but the gap with other teams is shrinking. My regret is arriving at a Milan without Europe, but this is the right year to return.”


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