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Head coach Cristian Brocchi has no intention on remaining the boss of the Rossoneri for 2016/17.

His stint on the Milan bench could already be finished. After poor results and a situation that has descended into further chaos, Brocchi wants out. He’s requested to president Silvio Berlusconi to be released from his contract so he can sign a new deal with Brescia in Serie B.
With the ownership situation still up in the air, there seems to be no progress moving forward on the transfer market. However, Galliani still has two names left in mind for the bench in the form of Giampaolo and De Boer.
According to La Gazzetta dello Sport, the main motives for his departure are around how he did not come into a good working environment. The conditions aren’t ideal to continue to work and move forward together. His contract was also due to expire June 30th, but had Berlusconi’s promise that they would go on together.
Brocchi already has an agreement with nearby club Brescia, if all goes according to plan, he will be the new coach for the Lombards in the very near future.  

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