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AC Milan director Umberto Gandini recently shared his thoughts on how Milan can regain their famous power and consistency, as well as the selling of the club in an interview with Stanley Kay of Sports Illustrated

Gandini confirmed one of the biggest stories revolving around Milan this offseason: the club is being sold by Silvio Berlusconi to a Chinese fund. This comes after a seventh place finish in the Serie A last year, which is another year without Champions League football.

The Rossoneri GM was asked about his expectations since the club being sold to Chinese investors and he said:

“Now we have to face new shareholders, new owners, hopefully new capital investments and new ideas.”

Although it will be a cultural shock, Gandini is right. A.C. Milan don’t have much of a choice since the economy is bad in Europe and the prices in the transfer market even for average players have skyrocketed over the years. It’s taken 30 years for Berlusconi to sell the club because it has been a traditional, family team, but things have changed over the last few years.

Gandini stated that the television deal the Premier League has with NBC is a disadvantage to the Italian clubs. He says that there will always be the giant clubs such as Real Madrid, Barcelona and Bayern Munich, but the TV deal in the Premier League is a contributing factor to more competition. This is because the average teams also have a lot more money to invest in players.

Gandini also pointed out that he thinks the language barrier makes it hard to compete against English clubs and their popularity in other countries like the United States.

“But in order to compete within this European scenario,” Gandini said, “you need to have big pockets.” 

The sale to Chinese investors will help the club have these “big pockets.” The money that will come flushing through will help the commercial aspect of the team and Gandini believes it will help Milan re-establish themselves in the Serie A. 

However, the executive director made another point to tell Kay that the club sale is just in the process and thus makes it tough to give detail on what exactly is going to happen.

AC Milan has been a part of the European football picture for a long time, and they want to make a return to success. Gandini believes that the team can return to qualifying for the Champions League on a regular basis if great investments are made.

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