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Sinisa Mihajlovic opens the door for Manuel Locatelli to get his first professional start should Montolivo not be fit to feature against Juventus.

Addressing the media in the pre-game press conference, Mihajlovic spoke about the possibility of 18-year old Manuel Locatelli taking the pitch on Saturday versus Juventus:

If Montolivo does not play, Locatelli will. If I see a player who gives me guarantees, I can play him. Locatelli may not be 100% ready but he is a great prospect who has a great career ahead of him. I hope Riccardo plays but if not, Locatelli is ready.

Mihajlovic was also asked about his future with the club and rumors about an impending sacking to come at the end of the season:

I cannot confirm it but I will not resign. I have never given my resignation and never will I do so. You need to have a clean conscience and the awareness to know you’ve tried until the end. Maybe it is not enough, these things do not depend on me. I cannot confirm it nor can I sack myself because it does not depend on me.

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