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Montella spoke post game after their 3-0 loss to Genoa, which had halted a string of good results for the Rossoneri.

AC Milan coach Vincenzo Montella spoke to Premium Sports discussing the game and squad

On the match:

“Galliani is always with us in the locker room, and he was there tonight. We have analyzed the game. It was a difficult match, as we knew it would be.

“In the first half we played at a lower level, but I can’t remember  the number of shots on goal Genoa had.

“The result didn’t reflect the nature of the game. During the second half the team improved, but we were not prepared to lose, and sadly Paletta’s red card complicated things. Even with ten men we went close to scoring.

“We were physically and mentally focused on the game, but after going down 2-0 the game was truly over for us.”

On the squad that was picked for the game:

“I’ve always considered everyone.

“We did not know the outcome in advance. Suso came in, but I think he could do more, because they physically did not have much left.

“Every game is different, the team showed a lot of character, and they will face some ups and downs during the season. “

Still on the game:

“Genoa took us out of our depth, and defended well against us. Their strength lies in the choice of the players used on the field and these lads epitomize these characteristics.

On expectations:

“We are calm, this loss is just an incident that can happen. Sometimes a defeat can help the team grow more.

“We will continue to growth,  the players should be proud of what they did tonight.

“Of course you can always do more. We have seen the true Milan in the first team games and we are happy with how things are going thus far in the championship. “

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