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The coach of Milan discussed their loss against Roma that has made the top of the Serie A table even more intriguing.

Speaking to, Vincenzo Montella believes Milan should have won the game, and in fact didn’t deserve to lose despite Niang missing a penalty:
Analysing the match you can see the two teams that for the first 20 minutes were studying each other. After this phase we tried keeping the ball more and attacking. I had the impression we were putting them under pressure. Scoring the penalty would have been very important but it didn’t happen. We played a good game both in the first and the second half.

oma have the best attack in the league with great players,  and even though they were coming off a positive stretch at home they didn’t give me the impression they could overwhelm us. The match was decided by a great shot by Nainggolan, well done to him. We tried to bounce back attacking immediately after we conceded the goal, but we were a bit disorganized.

On the Defeat itself:
We are of course disappointed, especially the players but I want to compliment them on the match they played, well done.

I think the team played great if you think about the opponent we were facing and the league position we have. These guys, who are only 23 years old on average, are playing many important matches in a short period of time

Can Milan fight for the title?
I don’t think we can fight to win the Scudetto, we are only at the beginning of our path. If we win against Atalanta we will be 7 points clear of sixth place, it would be important for our European ambitions“.

finding the correct balance in the team?
Over these first 16 games I still haven’t found a team that has played better than us. We know we can do well and that’s how we are performing so well. We are improving but so are our opponents“.

Niang missing another penalty?
After two penalties missed you have to understand it’s not easy for any player. Niang is the one in charge of taking the penalties because I’m aware he his good at taking them.

In the next matches we’ll decide, it depends on how the player will react“.

Milan’s injury worries?
“Bacca is important for us and he has scored many goals. Of course we miss him and we are waiting for him. The same goes for Bonaventura and Calabria, who is a great young talent. And let’s not forget about our captain Montolivo. All the players are proving they can play for such an important club”.

On his return to Rome?
“When I come to Rome I feel like I am at home. People are very kind to me. The kids call me by my first name, maybe because their parents told them I played for Roma”.

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