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Speaking to various outlets, Milan goalscorer Suso talked about his performance against Inter.

Milan midfielder Suso is beginning to establish himself at AC Milan and his importance was on display as he scored two goals in the derby with Inter.

Speaking to Sky Sports he stated the following:

“I wanted a chance and I think I have earned it. I wanted to prove that I’m important for this team and I’m succeeding. Walking home after two goals? Yes, I was going to walk home from the stadium but only if we had won.”

Furthermore while talking to Premium Sport, Suso discussed the game:

“If we had won than it would be better for everyone, we had a good start, then we lowered our levels and allowed  them to play.

“It is a good result, but we think we can win against Empoli . My growth? what I wanted was a chance, with Mihajlovic I never played, I went to Genoa to demonstrate my ability to play here and I did with Gasperini. Montella is a good coach, he is doing everything very well. We are winning majority of our games, and i believe we are on the right track but we still lack in some areas.”

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