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Does the Milan Youth Policy still Exist?


Everything that has happened since the youth policy got implemented and that is actually from 2008-2009 that the first steps were taken, are all connected.  After that many things were set on course,  Berlusconi was officialy done with spending big for Milan; The FFP also became a reality and Milan had all sorts of issues according to it; the team was aging at an alarming rate; we were going to lose Maldini and Ancelotti; the 2008-2009 season is when everything really changed.

We balanced the books short term by selling Kaka, we set targets to overally improve our academies and expect better results in the future and Galliani enabled the first experiment: Leonardo. An expirement which was meant to be the scapegoat in this difficult period of financial draught, which for obvious reasons it was almost destined to be, not to mention with our senators aging fast. The thing is Leonardo didn’t keep his mouth shut and in general lines did not want to do with what he had, because he knew Milan would need reinforcements even during such a period. So the scapegoat thing changed immediately and everybody could see he was right.

The sole reason he didn’t do what he was supposed to do and that was to be the scapegoat, sporting wise he didn’t do perfect by any means but he got the minimum which was getting in the CL again. We signed Allegri. Here’s the catch, do you think they signed him because of what? Because of silverware? Obviously not, because we couldn’t get a better coach? Again no, there were always better options than the lackluster Allegri. They signed Allegri to be what Leonardo failed to be. He had the credentials and experience to work with what he has . He has also experienced what it is to not expect things. In the end, he succedeed in this . He wasn’t picked just like that, he was pointed out carefully for this.

Many may think , what youth policy? Zaccardo? Kaka? Rami and Honda? Failed. No not at all, it has not. It’s still much on the rise, actually. When you see Galliani paying half a million for a 14 year old, that’s a clear sign we are on the right path. When you see Niang still in Milan , that’s a clear sign. When you see our youngsters doing well at any stage, lead by people as Brocchi or Inzaghi;  those are all good signs. We spend big on El Shaarawy, another sign we are on the right path. Our financials are clearly much better than it were a few seasons back , which is also a good sign. As for the youth policy , those who claim as such simply miss the whole picture. The youth policy is still in it’s beginnings. And it will never work just on it’s own, no matter how good some of our youth products are. Without some really established players to help them, lead them and generally take the spotlight and responsibilities off their shoulders, they will most probably fail. We need experience in the team, youth policy and whatnot.

Milan invested on Saponara and we bought Kaka as well, prime reason was to protect him. It was the best move and cost us almost nothing. This has invaluable long term benefits, to have experienced players be on the front until the youngsters are ready.

I can accept the fact that Allegri has failed this season and that we do need someone else. But we don’t need just anybody, this is where I find issue, as if Allegri is the worst coach on earth. We need the right replacement  for the job at hand. Someone who is able to raise the level of our youngsters from experience and implement a certain style to the team to suit our up and coming best young players. I won’t be the one to say who will it be, but I trust they will make the best decision. As for the youth policy, it will take years to rip the benefit , I thought that it should have been clear by now.. obviously there’s confusion with what the youth policy really is and playing some youngsters in the team. Of course they are closely related and that’s the main goal. The only pure result we have from the youth policy is De Sciglio. El Shaarawy was bought as we all know. That’s the results from the youth policy. This year we didn’t have a De Sciglio to work with and we had to sign other players who on the eye might seem panic buys or fill the gap kind of transfers, but they are players which are easily replaced when said youngster can claim the position , as it happened with De Sciglio and Antonini.

The youth policy isn’t a strict policy, like with finances. Nor we have to force it upon ourselves, that could severely damage the whole thing. Above all it is an evolution. And it takes time before anything, if we do make some mistakes here and there doesn’t mean it’s over or it never existed. We just have to wait for some of these youngsters to get ready and keep producing players with the credentials to succeed. Most of them will never make it and even if a significant amount do make it to the first team, we are still going to purchase experienced players, because that’s the way it’s being done .

The youth policy project has made good progress so far, the results ain’t meant to be immediate. All this years and we have only De Scilgio to show and a certain El Shaarawy. Gabriel and Niang are also in the mix. Cristante has made his first steps. I am pretty sure the best are yet to come. Financially speaking we are always improving and i expect things to slowly, but steadily get better with time. Combine that with what changes are to be made within the base of the club and i am quite sure we are on the right path , despite the results on the field right now. Allegri is gone already, they just don’t sack him for two very obvious reasons:

1) We have to find the right replacement and it’s not the best of times right now

2) Compensation is quite big to pay for a coach and besides his contract ends in the summer.



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