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Milanisti fans everywhere will have to say goodbye to the 22-year-old Frenchman Niang, according to Sky Sports. 

Milan and Watford are nearing an imminent deal that would Move Niang to Watford for a loan fee for one million Euros, with an option to buy for sixteen Million Euros.

Niang, who scored 3 goals in 18 appearances for the Milan club, has been moved due to recent struggles for Milan. Niang was amidst a 100-day goalless streak before the move to the Premier league club.

His struggles carried on Saturday, January 21st when  La Gazzetta Dello Sport reported that head coach Montella and Niang got into an intense confrontation in front of the whole team after the heartbreaking defeat to Napoli. When Montella was asked about Niang, all he jumped around the question in a light-hearted matter, but finally said: “Niang regressed, we needed him to improve.”

One also should note with the arrival of Everton forward Gerard Deulofeu on loan, Niang’s playing time on the pitch would certainly decrease. With the already done, look for the deal to be announced in the upcoming days.

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