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Milan manager Vincenzo Montella spoke to the media following his side’s 0-0 draw against Fiorentina.

In his post-match interview with Sky Sport, Montella said:

“In games, there will be difficult moments to call, the foul on Luiz Adriano was one of those and I don’t like commenting about it. We have to stop with this suspicious culture, a mistake is normal and we can’t comment on them every singly time.” 

When asked about what Renzi told him, Montella said:

“He came and say hi, I enjoyed it. He was in the hall and said hi to both teams.” 

On the game itself, Montella said:

“We conceded a lot of space to Fiorentina in the first half. In this sense, we could have done more. In the second half, the game was played at a quicker tempo and we created dangerous chances. We passed this test nicely, and now we must learn to keep playing like this.: 

Montella was then asked whether he made peace with Della Valle after their fallout. He said:

“Last time we spoke this wasn’t possible as we left it on bad terms. Today, he called me and it was nice. He’s a person that I got along with and I respect. I hope this could happen with his brother Diego, I’ve always respected Fiorentina.” 

He then touched upon his side. The former Fiorentina tactician said:

“Our confidence and belief in ourselves must grow. It’s been too many years that this team isn’t able to express themselves to the best of their abilities and it’s time for us to relearn this. I’m happy with the team in the way they follow an idea which helps on the pitch. We could have success like this. Kucka is a unique player in our roster, he guarantees intensity. We also have a lot of youngsters who could still grow.” 

On Niang, Montella told reporters:

“He displayed an important level of maturity. I read his interview and was left touched by it. I saw a guy who is more mature than his age. Now he must put into practice what he’s got. The fact that he knows what he’s got, however, is a good starting point.”

When asked if his side could finish in second place, he said:

“Milan must have the ambition to aim high. There’s plenty of competition for it but we must believe.” 


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