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The ex-Inter president was slightly critical of the Chinese encroachment of Serie A.

Massimo Moratti had a few words with L’unione Sarda before the Inter- Cagliari match this weekend about his thoughts on Chinese presidents, his relationship with Tommaso Giulini, and the Inter-De Boer relationship.

 “The Chinese do not have our passion, something that we carry with us from when we are children, but they respect Inter and Milan and consider them as important clubs. But in this time in soccer there is place for everyone, even presidents that are fans.”

“Inter needs some satisfaction and we have to be close to De Boer who has arrived in a new environment. Cagliari, despite having a good team, Inter should get points . But by tradition they area team with livelihood.”

His relationship with Cagliari and Tommaso Giulini

“He’s a friend, but did not need my advice, he moves well with his legs. We see each other, he tells me what’s going on and I’m glad, because I am a friend of his and Cagliari . Zeman? I chose Giulini. I regret not taking it when I arrived at Inter, Cagliari was not lucky.”

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