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In an interview with Il Mattino, ex-Napoli defender Salvatore Bagni expressed his confusion regarding Marko Rog’s situation with the azzurri.

Rog, who arrived at Napoli this summer after being wooed by numerous European giants, is yet to debut with his new side. The Croatian midfielder, deemed as one of the most promising young players worldwide, has been inexplicably kept on the bench. Recently, Napoli’s president Aurelio de Laurentiis has failed to hide his disappointment.

Bagni (more than 100 games for the partenopei) also voiced his concern about the situation:

“For him [Rog] to not have played a single minute, after being courted by so many teams and after a 13 million investment, is frankly embarrassing. De Laurentiis is waiting for his debut and you can’t blame him. 13 million is a significant amount and clearly there is an interest in seeing whether the money was worth it.”

Then Bagni, a declared admirer of the 21 year-old box-to-box, praised the player’s qualities and further expressed his perplexity:

“I really don’t understand why Rog is seen as an alternative to Allan. He doesn’t have Allan’s physicality so I truly don’t get it. I have followed Rog for years now and his strength lies in his off-the-ball movement and in his change of pace. Hence, it’s right for De Laurentiis to remind Sarri that Rog is a precious player.”

Hopefully for Rog and for the curious Napoli fans, the debut won’t have to wait much longer. Rog will then have to live up to the building expectations and repeat the impressive display shown at the Euros and with Dinamo Zagreb.

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