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Napoli fell to a heartbreaking 3-1 loss away to Juventus in their first leg of the Coppa Italia Semi-Final match.

Sarri’s squad played valiantly but 2 dubious penalties given to the bianconeri and a mistake by Pepe Reina gave Juve their victory. Here are our performance ratings for each Napoli player from the match:


Pepe Reina (5): Reina would have easily gotten a 7 or an 8 if he hadn’t have made such a monumental error on Juventus’ second goal. Without that error, Napoli may have still sneaked a victory or at least a well fought draw from this tricky away match.

Christian Maggio (7.5): The veteran was almost infallible tonight from start to finish. He covered every blade of  grass on his right wing and defended ferociously. What a match from Maggio this evening.

Raul Albiol (6.5): It wasn’t his greatest performance but a few monstrous tackles on Higuain in the first half were necessary. Was a bit all over the place in the second half however he maintained his calm through his passing precision.

Kalidou Koulibaly (7): Despite his foul on Dybala giving Juventus their first penalty of the match, Koulibaly rarely put a foot wrong. His physical prowess is stunning and his composure on the ball is very surprising at times. This is the Koulibaly we all know.

Ivan Strinic (6): The Croatian was dealt with a difficult task today in gaining a rare start away to J Stadium. However, he maintained his composure and joined the attack whenever possible.

Marek Hamsik (5): Where has the captain gone? He has been in ghost mode for the past few matches and hasn’t been beneficial to his beloved side. If Napoli are to bounce out of their funk, they need Hamsik more than ever.

Amadou Diawara (7.5): The 19-year-old “veteran” pulled above his weight yet again tonight. Every Napoli attack/ possession went through him. What a player.

Marko Rog (8): Such a great performance from Rog on only his second ever start for Napoli. He was all over the pitch today making tackles left and right. He also maintained possession so well. He is certainly making Sarri think of starting him again sooner rather than later.

Jose Callejon (6.5): Had a great first half, but then dipped after the break. His goal keeps Napoli alive in this fight for a Coppa Italia final berth and that is the most important thing for the partenopei.

Arkadiusz Milik (6.5): Milik also had a great first half but then struggled in the second. It was evident that the Polish international isn’t exactly ready for 90 minutes of action quite yet.

Lorenzo Insigne (8.5 MOTM): Napoli’s man of the match was easily Insigne. Il Magnifico rarely misplaced a pass and dribbled the ball with such elegance today. When he is on his game, he can be regarded as easily one of Italy’s most promising talents.


Leonardo Pavoletti (N/A): Pavoletti did not feature long enough in the match to gain a performance rating.

Dries Mertens (5): Mertens’ streak of poor performances continued tonight against the bianconeri. He didn’t settle in the match quite well enough and did not provide his usual spark.

Piotr Zielinski (5): The same problem with Mertens happened with Piotr. He did not add anything extra to the match off the bench.


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