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Statements today from the Club and striker Nikola Kalinic suggest that the ludicrous advances from Tianjin have been rejected.

Fiorentina came out with an official statement today regarding the future of Kalinic at the club:

“Fiorentina maintains with much pleasure and satisfaction the statements left by Nikola Kalinic to the Croatian Press on his intentions to stay at La Viola and to continue his career wearing the purple shirt.”

The club then further rejected claims of ever being in transfer negotiations with the Chinese club: 

“Fiorentina has never sat at any table to discuss the transfer of Kalinic to any club because we consider him a point of reference for the club after having put an important release clause on top of the player, to discourage potential suitors.”

Thus, it looks to be like Kalinic will, at the very least, continue his Fiorentina career. Whether the player leaves in the summer is left to be seen. However, for now, Kalinic remains an important part of Fiorentina’s project.

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