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Speaking with Sky 24 Riccardo Orsolini, the Ascoli forward on his way to Juventus expressed his excitement at joining the Italian champions.

How did you feel when you heard the news?

It was a beautiful feeling. It’s not yet official but things should be all done tomorrow. This is a big club that’s been doing very well in Italy and must come of age in Europe. For me it’s like a trampoline, a launching point, and I hope I do well.

For next season, do you plan on making the team immediately or take an intermediary step and become integrated later?

I think I can play my cards right. I’d like to take it step by step now, first and foremost by officially being part Juventus club and then we’ll work with the club to determine the next steps that are best for me.

Have any of the Juventus players reached out to you?

Not yet. I haven’t spoken to anyone yet but I’ll meet them all eventually.

Who was the first person to congratulate you?

My girlfriend and my friends.

Were there a lot of texts and phone calls?

Oh yes, my phone was blowing up. It was a pretty hectic moment so I had to turn my phone off to avoid too much pressure.

Do you feel that pressure now?

No. It’s nice getting attention from other teams, but I’m staying very focused right now. I want to finish the season with Ascoli and win some trust with Juventus, then what happens next will be earned through hard work.

Juventus has added bonuses to your contract based on appearances with the Italian national team. Are you happy with this trust?

Yes I am. My play on the field will do the talking to a certain point. It would be a dream to play in a stadium wearing the jersey of our national team.

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