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Roma’s owner has left for Madrid: “We need to qualify for the next round.” Even Perotti has made the same prediction: “Score quickly to make them nervous.”

Three. That’s how many fingers Pallotta put up. That’s how many goals he hopes his team can score against Real Madrid at the Bernabeu. “I believe in qualification. It’s what we need right?”; those were his words before boarding his flight for Madrid.

Earlier at Fiumicino, Diego Perotti also made a prediction for the press. The Argentine is not hiding his feelings, he knows that it will be hard for the Giallorossi to keep moving forward; “It’s going to be a difficult match, especially with the previous result hanging over our heads. We were playing well, we were controlling the match, but then Cristiano Ronaldo opened up the game with an amazing play.

“Florenzi touched the ball, I would have liked to see where that ball would have ended up without the deflection. Unfortunately that’s football, those kinds of things happen: Real has amazing players, and Cristiano in particular can score in any way imaginable. The goal that annoyed me the most was Jese’s. It occurred on a play in which we could have done more, and it just made our lives more difficult for the second leg. If we had only lost 1-0, the next game would be different, this just makes it harder.”

Roma has already outlined their strategy for tomorrow’s match. A strong start, try to makes things tough for Real, and then see how things go. Perotti confirms as much: “If we were to score, they could get nervous and the Bernabeu would be edgy. However, there is the chance that they control the match and score four or five goals against us. I played them six times when I was with Sevilla, I only managed to beat them once, and never scored a goal. It can happen that you’re playing a perfect match, dictating the pace, and then you look at the scoreboard, and you’re down by one.” Nonetheless, Perotti is trying to remain optimistic: “I’m hoping for a 0-3, we’re going to the Bernabeu to win, we want to qualify, I count on it.

“When it comes to general results, I hope that we can at least hold onto 3rd position in Serie A and qualify for Champion’s League football. The team is playing well, and we think that we can continue to do so until the end of the season, and now it seems that even Napoli who have been playing well all season, seem to be having some difficulties.”

Roma go to Madrid following their crushing victory against Fiorentina. That 4-1 victory can only give the team confidence with the daunting task of Real Madrd awaiting them Tuesday night.


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