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The legendary Rossonero defender points to an issue with playing opportunities in the top flight for the lack of Italian talent rising to the highest level of play.

At a recent ceremony held in Pistoia, Milan icon Paolo Maldini was honored with the Fortichino d’Oro, given annually for the recognition of an Italian sports figure’s performances and contributions at a National Level. During the event, via¬†TuttoMercatoWeb, Maldini was interviewed on the topic of the lack of Italian talent and he provided his reasons on why there is such a shortage on the Peninsula:

When a change of generation happens, the new are not always ready to grab the torch. With the Under-19s however, we were still vice-champions of Europe, the National Team did well at the EURO and we are not that bad. The younger Italian players hardly play in Serie A and this is a problem that neither Germany nor Spain have.

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