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After completing his world-record transfer to Manchester United, Paul Pogba took to social media to thank Juventus and their supporters.

Paul Pogba’s six-post message read on Instagram (@paulpogba):

“To all supporters who wrote on my pages about transfer rumours, I have read you all and thank you for the passionate messages. My apologies for not responding before, by law I could not talk.”

“This transfer took so long because it was a huge decision and involved lots of thinking and work. The wait was as annoying to me as it was to you.”

“It is difficult to explain so much in a few lines but I made a decision guided by my heart and nothing else.”

“Juventus will always be a part of me and I will always miss, love and be grateful to the club, the team and especially the supporters. I hope you can respect my decision. The most beautiful part of friendship is to understand and be understood.”

“My deepest respect to the clubs who considered having me, thank you!”

“Leaving Manchester when I was 18 was a mutual decision between the club and me and the right thing to do at that moment. Now it’s time to go back and forward, Old Trafford here I come!”

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