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Paulo Dybala’s double leads Juventus to another three points and shares a heartfelt moment with teammate Leonardo Bonucci.

Following his two-goal doppietta performance in Juventus’ 2-1 win over Udinese, Paulo Dybala commented on the victory and their current league standing, in a post-game interview with Sky Sport:

It is nice to have a difference on 2nd place but we still have to play against Napoli and Roma. We suffered a bit and it should not happen in our home stadium. We should not be conceding this much and giving up the ball to the opponent.

He then revealed the signification behind the emotional celebration with Leonardo Bonucci:

I have a very good relationship with Bonucci, we know what he is going through. I had told him that if I scored, I would hug him. He is a man of gold.

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