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Pelle told Rai Sport after the win against Spain that he is thankful for the support from the Italy faithful.

“This team is not just attack, defense or midfield. We are a united group and this is fundamental. We knew we have to work so hard, the training intake was very high and these are sacrifices that lead to having satisfaction you deserve. The banks must be expecting by someone like me, tall and big. I can not not do it, so i’m happy to help my team-mates . Scoring in the final is more beautiful, but there had also tried in the first half but De Gea made a miracle, as also happened in the Premier League: did I mention, we joked together.

Dedication? Honestly, I do not want to repeat the usual things, but it’s the first time I played in a tournament as important and the affection of the fans when we get to the stadium is beautiful. we are far away but close, I thank the Italian people. you do not see but there is, and we realize it. In locker room talk about it and we know what you are closest to us, I tell you with my heart: thank you. “

Italy take on Germany in the Euro 2016 quarterfinals on Saturday. 

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