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Mattia Perin’s agent Matteo Roggi spoke about his client’s recent injury, interest from abroad in the goalkeeper and touched upon the upcoming clash between Juventus and Fiorentina as well as Gonzalo Rodriguez’s future.

Roggi appeared on a show called Salotto Viola in Italia on Sportitalia and said:

“Mattia has gotten over the sadness. The same night of his injury he was ready to get operated. Mentally, he’s already ready for his return. Now we’re just waiting on the timeline of his recovery.” 

On Fiorentina-Juve, Roggi said:

“They started of the season well. It represents one of Italy’s derbies and there’s always good competition between them. I’m sure Fiorentina will play a great game. Bernardeschi? Dybala appears to be the finished product while Bernardeschi is a young talent with a long way to go. He shouldn’t limit himself because we don’t know where he could go. Given current times, his valuation is around 70-80 million euros. Putting a clause in his contract gives other sides a reference point but also limits the team.” 

Roggi then spoke about the interest expressed in Perin before the injury. He said:

“I would like to exclude a move in this transfer window, even if Everton have been following him since last year. They would come and watch him almost every Sunday. From Napoli’s end, I know nothing. I’ve never spoken to them. Even if he hadn’t gotten injured, he would have stayed at Genoa until June.”

The agent then spoke about Gonzalo Rodriguez. He said:

“In about fifteen days, he will be free to sign with whoever he wants. The silence makes me believe that in February he will sign with a big club. Inter’s name is being thrown around and at his age, it’s normal if he wants to go somewhere he can win. From a communication standpoint, it’s strange that the captain of Fiorentina didn’t say anything. Sousa? He could be the right guy for Juve. He’s young and has demonstrated to be able to get his teams to play well.” 



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