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Making a name for himself in Milan after scoring three goals and winning the Allievi Nazionali final in 2007, 26-year old striker Alberto Paloschi is continuing his success this year with Chievo Verona, already proving his worth and knack for goal scoring.

By: Marianne Iannaci.

 What You Need To Know:

Full Name: Alberto Paloschi

DOB: January 4th 1990 (26 years old)

Position: Striker- Centre Forward

Nationality: Italian

Current Club: Chievo Verona

Height: 1.83 m

National Caps: Italy U-17 (9, 4 goals), U-19 (11, 4 goals), U-20 (1), U-21 (29, 9 goals)

Who Is Alberto Paloschi?

Building his talent with Milan, Paloschi’s exceptional triple goal hype during his time with their U-17 team helped kick start his road to a Serie A debut with the club in 2008. Proving himself within the first 17 seconds of coming onto the pitch, the striker entered his senior career with Milan’s only goal of the match. He scored his second goal with the Rossoneri the next game, before making a move to Parma just a few months later. For €2.25 million the striker transferred to a team that turned to Serie B for the season. Taking on the challenge, Paloschi scored 16 goals with Parma, stripping them of their Serie B reputation and bringing the squad back up to Serie A. He stuck with the team for two seasons before he was loaned to Genoa in 2011 for €4.35 million. Paloschi’s strong suits, finishing and being a defensive striker, were missed by Milan who bought him back for a 5 year contract. However, the deal didn’t last long after Paloschi was loaned to Chievo year after year. In 2015, Chievo signed Paloschi on for a four year contract where his goal tally stands at 43 since 2011.

Playing for the national team at a young age, the striker’s consistency has enhanced his value to Italy’s squads over the past five years. Scoring 4 goals each season with the U-17 and U-19 teams, the 26-year old generated his most successful years with the Azzurrini from 2008 to 2011. Prandelli welcomed him as a call up to the Azzurri in 2014 and Conte re-called him in 2015 however Paloschi has been unable to secure a spot within the team.

Strengths and Weaknesses

Paloschi’s style of play is quite different than other centre forwards, strikers or midfielders. His defensive tactics are above average and he’s not afraid to tackle. His demeanor doesn’t take away from his talent in front of the net, as Paloschi still performs on paper. Averaging around 3 shots on net per game and scoring at least once every two matches, the striker brings a new sense of versatility to the pitch that isn’t often found amongst forwards. Paloschi’s shooting accuracy is consistent, deeming him a dependable player to attain. For a young player, he attempts to play with a rational mind and uses his sense of versatility to deliver.

His passing percentages are pretty low, as he prefers to battle out a 2 on 1 play instead of handing the ball over to a teammate. His aggression, although useful, has the opportunity to override his rational game play on the pitch. Paloschi has some difficulties keeping hold of the ball and staying onside. But he’s a player with the potential to build and grow abroad, in the upcoming years, if given a chance.

2015-16 and Beyond

Although he signed a four year term with Chievo this past June, Paloschi’s record for loans and transfers has been evident since his time with Milan. There is no doubt the striker will be in the middle of a buying frenzy within the next few years. He’s a striker that a top tier team can take on and work with, to generate a forward powerhouse. It wouldn’t be a surprise to see Paloschi back on Milan if he continues his success and demonstrates forward versatility with Chievo.

As for the national team, Paloschi will routinely hit the training camps and likely make the squad at some time in the future. With Conte aware of what he can bring, another season or two playing Serie A will help the Azzurri determine whether his consistency and increasing stats are fit for the team.

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