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While at Domenica Live, Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi confessed his thoughts about Milan’s aspiring Chinese buyers.

After the recent news that the Chinese acquiring of Milan might be delayed, Renzi admitted that he would be pleased for the rossoneri to remain Italian:

“I’ve heard that Berlusconi won’t be selling Milan [in December] and I’d be happier if Milan remained Italian.”

Then, after confirming his well-known passion for Fiorentina, met by the crowd’s lighthearted booing, the PM joked:

“If a politician ever changes his football team, don’t ever consider them anymore. They might change their mind on anything.”

Despite Renzi’s comments, the majority of Milan fans are likely to be pro-selling the club, given Berlusconi’s lack of interest in recent years. The fans revere the iconic Milan president but many at San Siro feel like a new input of resources is needed. In the wake of the recent news about the delay of the Chinese deal, most fans are likely to react differently from Renzi.

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