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Pogba commits to Juventus, weighs in on the current form of the team

Pogba released an interesting interview to Gazzetta dello Sport where he spoke highly about Juventus and Antonio Conte and weighed in the current form of the Bianconeri.

Paul Pogba, you forged ahead and now Juventini are afraid of losing you due to the rich offers of the best European teams.

I’m a nobody yet. What did I achieve? Nothing. I see Pirlo and Buffon and I learn how a real champion behaves. Those two have won everything, they are monsters, yet they don’t give up anything, not even in the training sessions.

So, Juventus for life?

Some promises make no sense, I don’t tease anybody. How do you stake a claim of a whole carrier nowadays? It makes no sense. So I look at the present and I say that here in Turin I feel very well, I love everything about this club: executives, coach, my teammates and the fans. At the moment I don’t see myself in another place that isn’t Juventus.

Why did you choose Italy?

The Serie A is the university of football, mainly tactically speaking. A midfielder that breaks out in Italy can really become one of the best of the words in his role. I said to myself: “Paul, Italy is the safer shortcut to break out”. And then, boys, Juve called me.


He makes me better every day. He works, he hammers, he’s never happy, he’s hungry. He only wants to win. He’s my master, I couldn’t ask for anything better.

Roma are flying, Napoli seem to have done a leap of quality: are you afraid of failing at the assault to the historical third Scudetto in a row?

I saw Roma on tv, in particular, I watched them, they are really strong, they have great players, but if we are able to re-find our football nobody can stop us.

What’s wrong?

We concede too much goals, often for our distraction, something that doesn’t exist when you have the best defense in the world. Yes, there is nobody as stong as us in the back, so there’s something wrong in the general attitude. To me it’s clear: we need last year’s Juve, the one that entered in the field to devour the opponents, that crushed and terrified everybody since the start, that didn’t slow down until the end. We have to wake up and find the right attitude: no more gifts, they’ll hurt us in the end. But I feel we are getting there… The 20 minutes when we put Milan in troubles in the Scudetto race can be the right spark, the turning point of the season.

A turn will be needed in the Champions League though.

We need to make points with Real Madrid…


We are Juventus, never forget that. The history, the prestige and the quality aren’t inferior to anybody. For that, I don’t fear Real Madrid. Juve are at the same level of the best teams in Europe. We can win even at Madrid.

Who is your idol?

Kakà, he always has been.

Your model?

I have two: Yaya Touré and Abou Diaby, also for the physical dimension. I am very similar to them.

Best midfielder in the world?

Beside my teammates, it’s a clash between Yaya Touré and Iniesta.

Your reference points at Turin?

Pirlo, Marchisio and Vidal. In every training session I try to steal something from them. I’d reach perfection with Claudio’s technique, Arturo’s aggressiveness and the brilliant pass cleaning of Andrea.

What is your relationship with Turn?

There are better cities in the world, that’s for sure (laughing), but Turin is cute and people show me their affect, it makes me feel good.

Are you in a relationship?

A relationship is a serious thing, let’s say that I have been dating a French girl for some thime.

Favourite actors?

John Travolta, Denzel Washington and Jason Statham in the Transporter.

Favourite movie?

Pulp Fiction is great.

Speaking of the NT: France is bound to the playoffs. Are you afraid of losing the WC?

Absolutely not, there is no WC without France. We are strong, the future is ours, we just need to play some games together: the team is young.

Your brothers Florentin and Mathias play for Guinea.

I hope to face them one day, maybe at the WC. I’m French, but Guinea is in my heart.

Is Italy racist?

The n-word is badly used everywhere: Italy, France, England, Spain and even in Africa there is racism. Often it’s just ignorance, people saying things they don’t understand. In general, we always need to be careful. Sure it’s crazy to talk about this stuff in 2013. Tomorrow I’d like to become somebody also to be more credible in the fight against racism.



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