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The Frenchman is nearing the long awaited switch to Manchester United.

Manchester United may not be in the Champions League, but their offer and history has seduced Pogba into acquiescing to a move to England. But if he’s going to leave Turin, they are going to have to be historically compensated.

Reports from Italy’s TuttoMercatoWeb suggest the bid will be broken down into parts which will, in fact raise the overall fee to unparalleled proportions.

At the moment, Juventus have been offered €101 million and that’s simply not going to cut it for the Bianconeri. 19% of the fee will go to Mino Raiola, which will break the record for an agent’s commission, while Pogba could get 1% of the fee himself.

Because of this, Raiola wants nothing less than €125 million to sell Pogba. Juventus want nothing less than at least €100 million to go into their bank account. The magic number? Manchester United may have to bid more than €120 million to acquire the midfield dynamo.

The irony of all this is, four years ago Pogba was acquired for free from Manchester United. Now the Bianconeri are set to let him go back to where he came for a historic fee, profit and agent commission. Welcome to football in 2016.

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